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X Ambassadors' frontman Sam Harris Talks Life, Love, and 'Litost' | Examiner

Charts and numbers aside, the X Ambassadors have become a personal favorite of mine. When the opportunity to interview frontman Sam Harris comes my way, I am thrilled. Read on as Sam talks relationships, "American Oxygen," and just what makes him feel "so goddamn handsome."

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Choosing the Right Loan for Your Business

Want to start a business, but not quite sure how to finance it? Can't decide between getting a loan or finding an investor? Does looking at multiple loan options leave you feeling confused or overwhelmed?

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Incubus Talks Deftones, Teenage Success & the Influence of Hans Zimmer | Examiner

I recently caught up with Mike Einziger, the band’s Grammy-nominated co-writer and guitarist, before their concert at St. Louis’ Hollywood Casino Amphitheatre.

Most recently, Incubus released two EPs. The first of two EPs, Trust Fall (Side A), was released May 12, 2015. The band plans to release Trust Fall (Side B) later in the year.

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Mother Nature Knows Best | Examiner

Exhausted? Stressed? Forgetful? Natural antidotes are one option you shouldn’t overlook.

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Emily Vaughn is Better Off Without You

"I don't want to be an artist people only listen to when they're sad. I do have some songs like that, but I also want people to be able to roll down their windows and drive with their friends and sing all the lyrics and feel somewhat liberated, even if it's about a moderately sad subject." logo article

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