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Mother Nature Knows Best — Natural Supplements Supported by the Latest in Scientific Research

At some point, everyone experiences “burnout.” Physical burnout, mental burnout, emotional burnout…we may not even notice until the floodgates have already opened.

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Get Ready for the Sound of Kaleo

Haven’t heard of Kaleo? Listen to “All the Pretty Girls” and you’ll have ’em on repeat.

Think Of Monsters and Men, with an extra dose of soul. Kaleo’s unique blend of folk, blues, country and rock shows off their (rare) ability to play different genres with equal skill.

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Q&A with Young Guns | LOCAL Houston (002)

Meet the Young Guns, an English rock band whose sound has been described as “the Killers meets The Academy Is…”

With a history that includes a no. 1 single on the Billboard charts and performances at some of the U.K.’s top music festivals, Young Guns are a force to be reckoned with.

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Jenny Packham Unveils Autumn/Winter 2015 Collection - Local Houston Magazine

A red carpet favorite, Packham is known for her impeccably detailed, ultra feminine gowns. Fans of the British designer include Charlize Theron, Angelina Jolie, Kate Winslet, Taylor Swift and Rihanna. Kate Middleton may be her biggest fan of all, often sporting custom-made gowns by Packham.

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Girl Thing | LOCAL Houston Magazine (002)

Born and raised in Houston, Madeline is a country and pop artist/singer/songwriter/actress/model. Whew!

Her most recent work includes LOCAL’s May cover shoot for the Music Issue. Look out for her in our latest issue and behind-the-scenes video, and watch her as she continues to make waves in our town!

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Q&A with Mimi So | Local Houston Magazine

Meet Mimi So, a New York-based jewelry designer known for a “distinctive and definitive fashion vibe” and a large celebrity clientele. Her jewelry consists of primarily graphic designs featuring organic shapes, clean and asymmetrical lines, and bold fluid movements.

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CUBIC — Your New BFF | LOCAL Houston (002)

Meet Mr. Cubic, he's your new BFF. Cubic is an attentive "personal assistant" with a personality. And it shows.

Can't remember where you parked your car? Constantly leaving your keys around the house? Make a quick note with Cubic, and he’ll be happy to assist when you need him. Facts, news, train schedules…you name it, Cubic’s on it.

Note: Also featured in print. June 2015 issue of LOCAL Houston.

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Music Issue: Saturday in the Park | LOCAL Houston Magazine

Watch the making of LOCAL HOUSTON Magazine’s Music Issue cover! Photographer Kennon Evett and LOCAL Editor-in-Chief Carla Valencia Martinez create a Woodstock-inspired “Saturday in the Park.” Models from Page Parkes. Music by The New Mystikal Troubadours.

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Ellen’s Biggest (and Bravest) Fan Opens Up About Hospital Life, Junebug and Her Love of Chef Boyardee

Note: Updates have been added on 4/13/2015 regarding both Bri’s condition and The Ellen Show. In addition, this article has been published in The Huffington Post and can be viewed here. Please visit GoFundMe if you can help Briana and her family.

If you haven’t heard of Briana Donis, you very well may be living under a rock. The brazen, bubbly, bright and beautiful Briana (ah, the joys of alliteration!) has been all over recent media.

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Mackintosh Braun on Grey’s Anatomy, Hall & Oates and a Beer Sesh with Larry David

Mackintosh Braun, a Portland-based “electro-pop” group composed of Ian Mackintosh and Ben Braun, are causing quite the stir.

Fun fact: Ben’s father, Michael Braun, was a long-time drummer for Hall & Oates.

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Project Runway's Helen Castillo and Her No-Frills Take on Fashion | LOCAL (002)

'Project Runway' opened a lot of doors for me. I graduated college just a few months before having applied and joining the cast of season 12. I didn’t even know I was capable of doing the work I did on that season. It’s allowed me to meet a lot of incredible people, work with so many great brands and travel a lot, which is easily my second favorite thing.

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Houston's Own "Top Chef" | LOCAL Houston

"We encourage all the chefs to have fun with this great evening,” said Beth Wilson, director of development at the School of Dentistry. “It’s an opportunity to show their talents and generate excitement about a great cause. For those novice chefs, with so many chef challenge shows today, this is an opportunity to be a star for the night. Themes are encouraged and fun is in demand!"