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Sibling Conflicts Undermine Trust | Psych Central News

Lauren Kruczyk | Psychology Research Assistant and Contributor

"While both younger and older siblings reported personal space conflicts, older siblings reported these conflicts more frequently, according to the researchers. This suggests that older siblings are more sensitive to personal space issues and may indicate the beginning of their separation from the family."

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How I Stopped Blame from Controlling My Life

At some point, I got tired of the squeaks. I escaped the cage and found freedom from the wood pellets and stale feeder food. Maybe certain people tried to look for me; maybe they didn’t. I didn’t care. I was a hamster with a plan. I came to a fork, took the road less traveled and began running like my life depended on it (and hey, maybe it did). After all, it was a lot better than that squeaky old wheel.

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Stigmatize Me, Fool

So there’s this thing called a chemical imbalance in the brain. Maybe you’ve heard about it? Apparently, it’s called science.