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Shocking New Research Shows Carbs Greatly Increase Risk of Lung Cancer by 49%

You better rethink that baguette, because startling new research suggests that certain carb-rich foods like bagels, white bread, baguettes, and even white rice can increase your risk of lung cancer by as much as 49%.

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Scientists Grow Chicken Embryos With Dinosaur Legs In World First

It sounds like something straight out of Jurassic Park, but a team of researchers really have successfully grown “dinosaur legs” onto chicken embryos.

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Travel Photos Become Instantly Better With Dinosaur Toys

Tickled by the idea of creative projects where people use toys, pets, and unwitting significant others as props to liven up their travel snapshots, photographer Jorge Saenz decided to create #dinodinaseries — documenting a small herd of plastic dinosaur toys-turned-tourists who join him on all his exciting adventures.

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These Toddlers Are Getting Tattoos But It's Not What You Think

Fond of tattoos, biker-chic clothing, and skeleton hats? Now your kids can have them, too. The Etsy shop TotTude is selling clothes that make babies, toddlers, and kids look like they have full-sleeve tattoos (along with a badass attitude).

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World's Hottest Criminal Is Released From Jail And Is Now A Model

Meet foxy felon (aka “Mugshot McDreamy”) Jeremy Meeks, who’s been charming the ladies since 2014, after the Stockton Police Department posted a photo of his mugshot on their Facebook page.

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Widows Can Now Keep Loved Ones Close in an Interesting Way

Losing a loved one can be tough in so many ways, but this invention means that at least in the intimacy department, things can keep on going.