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The Guardian

Guardian | Cover Photo by Lauren Kruczyk

Cover photo selected from contributions by Lauren Kruczyk.

Boston, Massachusetts — East coast autumn in the air. The best of Boston: bold, bright, and beautiful.

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The Guardian

The Guardian (US) | Contributor

Covering American and international news for an online, global audience.

Our team of US-based journalists is most recently renowned for its Pulitzer Prize-winning revelations based on the disclosures made by whistleblower Edward Snowden.

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The Guardian

The Guardian | Lauren Kruczyk: Photojournalist

GuardianWitness is our new home for content you've created. Posts will be reviewed by our team and suitable contributions will be published on Guardian Witness, with the best pieces featured on the Guardian site – you could even help shape the news agenda.

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The Guardian

The Guardian | San Francisco Stories

In the week leading up to Super Bowl 50, Guardian photographer David Levene travelled across the San Francisco Bay Area photographing the sites that transformed one of the great cities of the world. We’d like you to share your images and experiences of how life in and around San Francisco...

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The Guardian

The Guardian | Defining Your Gender

So, what do you think? Is generation Y redefining gender? Is this purely a western cultural phenomenon? Do you feel that your own gender is fluid? Or do you sometimes feel the definition of the opposite gender fits you better? Are you transgender?...

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The Guardian

The Guardian | Music Memories

This week's theme is 'all songs bright and beautiful'. Each week we'll update this assignment alongside our Readers' Recommend column, asking you to tell us more about the songs you’ve nominated, share stories and photographs – of gigs, of moments, of your record sleeves – and we'll curate the best...

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The Guardian

The Guardian | Winter Wonderlands

With the dark and cold winter months facing the northern hemisphere, we’d like to see your photographs of the season wherever you are. Whether it’s a wintry rural landscape, a cold morning in the city or a winter beach where you walk your dog every day, share your winter pictures with us.

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The Guardian

The Guardian | Beautiful City Rivers

Any cities have well-loved rivers, from Paris’ picturesque Seine to the revitalised Chicago River. But for every celebrated city river there are others which are underappreciated.

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The Guardian

The Guardian | At the Heart of the Flames

Intrusive eyes, streams of knowledge and information overload...Dulwich Picture Gallery curator Ian Dejardin selects his favorite artistic contributions.

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The Guardian

The Guardian | Theme of Numbers: It All Adds Up

For last week’s photography assignment in the Observer New Review we asked you to share your photos on the theme of turn via GuardianWitness. Here’s a selection of our favourites...