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The Huffington Post

Grammy Nominated Highly Suspect Bares All (and Gives Zero F*cks)

Don't be mistaken — Highly Suspect is definitely not your average "boy band." So exactly what is it about this trio that makes them so special? Well, aside from their striking good looks...just about everything.

Atlas genius article
The Huffington Post

Indie Aussie Brothers of Atlas Genius Offer Up Fresh Dose of Melancholic Funk

Their first album, hailed by Rolling Stone as a "spritely, melodic debut album," included the Billboard chart-topping singles, "Trojans" (also featured on Grey's Anatomy) and "If So." This band of brothers, led by Keith and Michael Jeffery, are now looking to shake things up once again with their second LP, Inanimate Objects.

1745599 get ready for the sound of kaleo article
The Huffington Post

Huffington Post | Get Ready for the Sound of Kaleo

Think Of Monsters and Men, with an extra dose of soul. Kaleo’s unique blend of folk, blues, country and rock shows off their (rare) ability to play different genres with equal skill.

2015 05 10 1431232733 2306631 150406 prachv3 thumb article
The Huffington Post

Top Hip-Hop Artist Brings Awareness to the Killing Fields

With lyrics in Khmer and English and a focus on Killing Fields era legacies, Khmer American rapper praCh Ly's first album, Dalama, was not only credited with introducing hip-hop to Cambodia--it introduced this history to a new generation largely unaware of its genocidal past.

Hp lola article
The Huffington Post

Her Name Was Lola

Lauren Kruczyk: Huffington Post Contributor

2015 09 01 1441122112 1027736 mainland kirstinroby8resizesmall21024x655 thumb article article
The Huffington Post

Mainland's Pop 'n Rock Serves Up the Best of Both Coasts

Featured in Nylon, Spin, and Stereogum, Mainland is receiving some well-deserved recognition for their hard work and infectious music. The band's blended east coast/west coast vibe combined with their often dark, always upbeat musical style and magnetic stage presence make them a designated standout among other bands of similar genres.

O sunrise meditation facebook article article
The Huffington Post

Ellen's Biggest (and Bravest) Fan Opens Up About Hospital Life, Aplastic Anemia, and Little Miss Junebug

Despite being diagnosed with aplastic anemia, a rare blood disease in which the body's bone marrow doesn't make enough new blood cells; enduring two bone marrow transplants and multiple rounds of chemo and radiation; and living in isolation because her immune system is so weak, Briana remains a dazzling ray of sunshine.

2015 08 19 1439957392 3948372 melaniemartinezpress1catielaffoon thumb article
The Huffington Post

Huffington Post | No Pity Party Here — Melanie Martinez's Cry Baby Hits #1 on the Alternative Albums Chart

Melanie Martinez released her debut album, Cry Baby, on August 14th, and it's already topping the charts. With the #1 spot on the Alternative Albums Chart and #4 on the iTunes albums chart, no tears shall be shed anytime soon!

Blacklp article article
The Huffington Post

Scale the Summit — The Odyssey Begins

Scale the Summit, an American instrumental and progressive rock band based out of Houston, isn't your average cup o' joe. So what makes them more than "just another rock band?" With no vocalist and a pure focus on instrumental music, the band considers their music "perpetually unfashionable by mainstream standards."

Doe paoro2 e1439229306923 article article
The Huffington Post

Doe Paoro to Release After, an Enlightened Reconstruction of Time and Travel

Paoro's oft-enlightening music is a refreshing standout in the indie-pop genre. Paoro states, "There's an assumption that pop music needs to be dumbed down. But I think pop can be surprising and make you uncomfortable sometimes. It can ask you to think about something you hadn't considered before, and maybe awaken a place in yourself that you hadn't been giving attention to."

2015 05 07 1430961991 5086858 50313helen7690web1 thumb article
The Huffington Post

Huffington Post | Project Runway's Helen Castillo and Her No-Frills Take on Fashion

Raf Simons is easily my biggest admiration. He joined Dior with little couture knowledge or experience and made the house so outstanding, between him modernizing such iconic time periods and still maintaining the couture elements of the brand. I hope to be at his stature as my name develops.

2015 07 26 1437950396 8622400 look36 thumb article article
The Huffington Post

Lela Rose — From Painter to Acclaimed Designer to the Stars

Lela Rose is now "widely recognized for her unique aesthetic of juxtaposing refined elegance with modern whimsy, through brilliant color, beautiful fabrication and handcrafted details." Some of her well-known clientele include Jessica Alba, Mindy Kaling, Molly Sims, Ashley Judd, Mariska Hargitay, Kate Middleton, Mary-Kate Olsen, Ashley Olsen, and Selma Blair.

O dance facebook article article
The Huffington Post

Love Drive's Soundtrack? ROOM8 is What You've Been Missing Out On

Drive your favorite movie? Synth your jam? Love to dance or mellow out in style? You've found your perfect match. Ezra Reich and Nic Johns of ROOM8 are here to answer a few questions about their infectious music, impressive collaborations and future plans for Transduction, their exciting new album.

2015 09 09 1441774922 1377821 11033104 830951433621199 2411183744059622005 n thumb article article
The Huffington Post

Top Spotify Trio Like Swimming Releases Tiny Structures

Emerging in late 2012 from a five-member group called You Say France & I Whistle (named for a legendary Van Morrison demo put down drunk in a single take), Like Swimming ventured onward to create their debut album Structures, which was recorded in a small cabin just outside of Stockholm. The album featured seven years of writing between Claes Carlström (guitar/vocals), Ida Hedene (vocals/keys), and Petter Wesslander (drums).

2015 07 23 1437614976 6362239 jp3 thumb article article article
The Huffington Post

Kate Middleton's Go-To Designer Reveals Shakespeare-Inspired Bridal Collection

If you're a free-spirited bride looking for a little whimsy, Jenny Packham's 2016 Bridal Collection is perfect for the creative, ethereal look you've been dreaming of. The enchanting allure of the collection is inspired by A Midsummer Night's Dream, an opulent Shakespearian world filled with magical illusions and luscious fantasies.