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Wooden house article

Why Home Ownership Increases Your Wealth | Truland Homes

The Great Recession, characterized by devastating mortgage defaults, has challenged the conventional wisdom that homeownership is a good investment. This is particularly true for those with low and moderate incomes. But conventional wisdom on the benefits of owning versus renting still holds true when done right.

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Itemizing Key in Maximizing Tax Deductions for Homeowners

Tax incentives are one of the many benefits homeowners can take advantage of every year. It is important for homeowners to know exactly what home-related expenses qualify for tax deductions so they can maximize their yearly earnings. Itemizing deductions, rather than filing standard deductions, is key in taking advantage of these tax breaks.

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Children of the World Hosts 19th Annual Chinese New Year Parade

Children of the World believes the birthright of every child is to be in a loving and nurturing home. The program seeks to restore this birthright to children who are abandoned or orphaned by uniting them with adoptive parents.